You Might Think I’m Kidding…Unless You Know My Son

So, my son (four years old), just walked into the living room and announced, “Nobody go in the bathroom…I just mopped the floor, and it’s pretty slippery.”  Sure enough, the entire floor in there is wet.  Don’t ask me exactly how he did it, but he was carrying a wet dishrag…So I think I can put two and two together.

This all came on after he insisted on helping me with the ironing.  Now he’s moved on to folding laundry.  I quote, “The only thing I’m not going to do today is take out the trash…because Daddy didn’t ask me to.”  For Heaven’s sake, Daddy…Get it while the getting’s good.

Oh, my darling boy just came to update me that the bathroom floor is almost dry.  He’s a machine.  Believe me, I have NO idea where this came from…but I’m hoping I can talk him into doing the dishes.


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