Dinner Conversation with the Four-Year-Old

He’s back again, with more pearls of wisdom that only a four-year-old could provide….

My son: “I don’t want to eat this, Mama…I don’t like it.”

Me: “Well, you don’t have to eat it, but that’s all you’re getting for supper.”

Son: “That’s okay, I’ll eat something else later.”

Me: “No, you won’t.  This is all you’ll get to eat for tonight.”

Son: “I don’t like that idea, Mama.  Maybe you’ll forget to lock your mind tonight, and that idea will fall right out.”

Me: “So, it sounds like I should lock my mind, so that idea won’t fall out.”

Son: “You can leave your mind unlocked until you forget that I won’t get anything else to eat tonight, then you can lock it…The rest of the stuff up there is pretty good stuff.”

At least there’s that.  Here’s hoping I don’t forget to lock my mind tonight…


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