Calling All Bloggers to Join the M.A. George Street Team (a.k.a. the “You Know You Wish You Could Be One of Us” Team) ;)

The awesome ladies over at Girls *Heart* Books Tours are currently taking sign-ups to join my street team…a group of fantastic bloggers who will graciously help us spread the word about my books!  So, if you meet the following criteria, then please consider joining this wonderful group:

A) You are a blogger

B) You are fantastic (Defined by whatever credentials you deem appropriate)

C) You’d like to help spread the word about my books (Bless you for that…)

D) You love/like/can tolerate my feeble attempts at humor

E) None of the above, but it still sounds like too much fun to pass up (Which means you clearly meet condition “B” above, whether you admit to your fantasticness or not)

I know, I know…Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this?  Here’s the sign-up link:

MA Street Team


Thank you to Girls *Heart* Books Tours for everything!  And thank you to all of those who have already signed up!! 🙂


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