Who Doesn’t Love a Book Trailer? Did I Mention It’s AWESOME?

Hugely exciting day today!  What’s that you say?  Your day hasn’t been all that eventful?  Well, I’m here to help…

It’s Aqua book trailer reveal time!  *Squealing like a little girl*

Countless hours went into crafting this little snippet of video wonderfulness.  (Most of it spent waiting for my insanely slow netbook to process…but I think it was worth it.  At least I hope so, because I can’t get those hours of my life back.) 😉

I sincerely hope you enjoy watching this trailer.  Even more so, I hope you enjoy reading the book!  (And triple awesomeness if you share the video with your friends!)

Gargantuan thanks to the ladies of Girls Heart Books Tours for organizing a stellar trailer reveal today, and also to the wonderful bloggers who signed on to participate!

Alright, catch your breath, get settled into a cozy chair…Here comes the video!


Read the Aqua blurb and find all the retailer and Goodreads linky-links HERE.

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