Skip the Black Friday crowds, and hunker down with a book instead

If you’re like me, braving jam-packed stores in search of Black Friday deals ranks just below plucking your eyelashes out with rusty pliers, whilst bathing in a vat of boiling jalapeño juice.

Hands down, I would rather be alone with a book.

And don’t forget the music.

And pajamas.

I’m spending today out hiking with my boys—which is equally awesome—but tonight’s plans involve copious amounts of reading + music + pajamas.

Ahh, bliss. 🙂

For those of you who have similar Black Friday plans, it would be a huge honor to earn a spot on your e-reader today.  If you haven’t heard about Spectral Tales, a young adult anthology of eight ghost stories, you can download it for free today.  I am so fortunate to join this awesome group of authors in putting this collection together.

Spectral Tales Cover

Download Spectral Tales for free from any of these retailers:

Happy Black Friday Reading in Your Pajamas Day! 🙂


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